Passenger Bus parked on the road at sunrise.

H2GE™ GoFundMe Bus Tour

   An RV will start in Tampa, go to DC to meet Congress members and Demonstrate H2Global’s new clean energy fuel replacement for toxic fossil fuels. Then the RV will go to Silicon Valley Ca. To meet scientists and financiers from Around the World at a presentation of the documentary on the trip. The RV will then return to Florida. All of this trip will be fueled by our new breakthrough clean energy fuel which converts fresh or seawater to 97% clean fuel. The source water will be extracted from the air, like dehumidifiers, and converted to clean fuel.

   The entire journey across America and back will be done without stopping for fuel. Contributors will be among those selected to ride into history on legs of the trip across and back running on clean energy fuel extracted from the air and share a meal with the great team at H2Global. Those who ride on the bus can appear in news releases and become a part of History.

   Help us save the planet and bring in the paradigm shift to zero-emission clean fuels. We will be contributing a great deal of time and money to this project.

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