H2G water powered prototype. This is a breakthrough in clean, sustainable energy. Up to 97% reduction in emissions with up to 90% lower cost.
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Learn more: With patents granted/pending worldwide, H2GE™ is preparing for R&D expansion with an unprecedented clean energy conversion process.

H2Global, LLC.


The numbers are growing quickly here in Florida. With patents granted/pending worldwide, H2GE™ is preparing for R&D expansion with an unprecedented clean energy conversion process. Here you will learn about who we are, what we do, and what ambitions we have for making the world a better place.


We are H2Global Energy, a United States private research and development LLC in Florida. We recently made a discovery from lightning and charged particles of water. It is not based on electrolysis or any prior art. It is a new patented technology which now makes it possible to extract clean energy from fresh or seawater. It yields a clean fuel up to 97% cleaner & 90% less cost than toxic fossil fuels. Zero-footprint 100% clean fuel is now being tested. H2G clean fuel can run internal combustion engines without major alteration. It powers ships at sea from seawater, trucks, and planes through condensing moisture from the air. A big truck can traverse the USA, LA to NY on a few gallons of water extracted from the air without stopping for fuel.

We share a major concern for the planet, the atmosphere, and the people. Pollution, especially air pollution has grown to become dangerous for all living things. The world’s voracious appetite for energy drives the man-made pollution we see today. In a modern, progressive world, energy steers the economy and advancements in an ever-changing world. The choice of energy source and its related processes of creation, use, and impact on pollution should be the first issue decided if the goal is to reduce pollution quickly and at the greatest reduction possible. The question “What is the total cost of my choice of energy creation, use and impact?” must be on the table and answered. Total costs: Sourcing energy materials, and processing energy materials. The pollution output in the use of a chosen energy source. The net reduction in pollution measured in time and volume. The economic impact of changing energy sources and application. We also note some have chosen the path of the easy answer of renewable without looking at all the built-in problems renewable have. The wind does not always blow. The sun does not always shine. Electric vehicles are powered by the grid that is mostly powered by carbon-based fuels. Is this the, at least temporary, solution to pollution, especially air pollution? It must be asked then, “What is the goal?”

In the United States, where 14% of our electrical energy comes from renewable sources, the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates it will be just 17% in 25 years. That is within an aggressive move to add renewable energy. Fossil fuels used to produce electrical energy accounts for 65% of the total today and will be only reduced to 64% in 25 years. We know these numbers differ around the world so ask your experts about the net Fossil Fuel reductions and related Carbon Dioxide Emission when you look at switching or mandating to Electric Vehicles. You also must ask when these results will be accomplished. Some estimates say the Electric Car is capable of reducing CO2 emissions by only 5 tons of CO2 over its life of manufacture, use and scrapping when compared to a Fossil-Fueled Car.

1. Short term and long term pollution reduction goals
2. Net cost of changing energy sources
3. Pollution on all systems currently using fossil fuel
4. A near seamless low impact on society when changing energy sources
5. Toxic materials, their production, use and disposal problems


In the United States alone the estimate to change, upgrade and expand the grid to accommodate the electrical demand caused by a massive shift to EV transportation is $5 trillion. That is just for the grid. What of the industries decimated by killing the internal combustion engine? Castings for engines, crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, camshafts, chains, and valves just to name a few parts. Compare Water as a base energy source for Crude Oil. It does not take much imagination to realize sourcing Water is easier and cheaper to source than Crude Oil. The H2Global Energy process is produced at the point of use in real-time. Unlike refining of Crude Oil, the only requirement in the H2Global process is particulate-free clean water. H2Global just tossed out the costly, lengthy and energy-consuming refining requirement found in Crude Oil.

Meet our


Walt Jenkins - CEO

Walter Jenkins

CEO/President & Founder
Don Wolff - VP USA

Don Wolff

Vice President USA (General Manager)

Tim Saunders

Yacht Design Consultant Marine Division
Nilesh Mehta - VP INDIA

Nilesh Mehta

Vice President INDIA
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Ed Grimm

NASA Turbine Expert
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David Hall

Media Director
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Mark Goldes

Chairman & CEO Aesop Institute
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Destiny Pilos

Media Coordinator
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John Mulligan

Media Director
Dr. Patrick Bailey - PHD president Institute for New Energy

Dr. Patrick Bailey

President of Institute for New Energy
Roger Payton - Marketing U.K.

Roger Payton

Marketing U.K.

Next, look at the net pollution output of any other energy source and end-use as compared to H2Global Energy. No tailpipe emissions but emissions from its manufacture, use, and scrapping that is nearly equal to the Internal Combustion Vehicle is not gaining ground or reducing pollution, especially Air Pollution. Taking a second look at the Internal Combustion Engine powered vehicle, it is NOT the engine that pollutes, it is its fossil fuel. With over 125 years of development, the reciprocating engine still powers the world efficiently. Cut the emissions from Internal Combustion power sources by 97 to 100% and you have a winner. You have the H2Global Energy’s patented process. A process which replaces all fossil fuel with a Water-based energy. To continue using the Fossil Fueled components of our society will only continue the pollution and health risk we see today. By switching to the H2Global Energy Process for nearly all energy requirements it gives you nearly instant results in short and long-term pollution reduction goals.

Ask not what your planet can do for you. Ask what you can do for your planet.

It is reasonable to say the Transportation (14%) and Electricity and Heat Production (25%) pollution can be reduced by 97% in less than 10 years with an aggressive move to the H2Global Process. No other process can say that. The Universal application of the H2Global Process ensures an immediate and massive reduction of pollution and ongoing cost reductions in applying the process. The H2Global Energy process can be retrofitted or upscaled to vehicles of all types, power generating including power plants for grid power (including replacing Nuclear) and a variety of systems requiring power or energy, there is almost no social upheaval or changes that may be resisted. Common new production and attrition of old systems replace the pollution producing components of society with the near-zero emissions components in a normal and timely manner.

Margaret H.B.Cortenay

An idea was born and given a working title; The Margaret H. B. Courtenay Foundation, named after Walter Jenkins’s mother.

After the company and its investors are well rewarded, we would like to see as a share of the H2G corporate profits channeled into a Foundation to put that wealth to good use. The earth is covered with more than 70% water, more than enough to provide mankind with clean renewable energy for thousands of years. The H2G process returns most of the unused energy in the water back to the environment as re-condensed water. There is an opportunity here to change not only our energy consumption from toxic fossil fuels to abundant, clean, cheap energy from water but to help change many of the other problems facing underdeveloped populations. Our foundation will create and fulfill an infrastructure of key civilization components within portable easily transported container solutions. These include; Water fuel-based power unit; Contained within a cargo container, it would be a H2G water to fuel conversion unit. 


Doctor holding a red heart

It would power generators of sufficient size to provide electrical power to a village or small city. The generator and the hydro fuel system would all be contained in one cargo unit. It could provide power, process potable water and provide medical grade oxygen extracted from water. If a water source is not locally available, it can be extracted from the atmosphere through H2G processes being developed and converted to clean drinking water and or fuel. Medical Clinic; Another container would be outfitted with a prevention diagnostic oriented medical clinic. It would be tied by satellite to medical schools and teaching universities so that first-class medical teams could respond via remote telepresence to diagnose and treat, in concert with onsite medical personnel and robotics installed within the container. Triage and Surgery Unit; In disasters, an emergency treatment for surgeries are set up as field units with limited capabilities or trained personnel. A portable container with proper surgery equipment and remote-controlled robotics could be linked as the Clinic units are by satellite to the same Medical schools and teaching Universities to provide remote telepresence teams of surgeons to guide on-site personnel or do remote or robotic surgery.

 This can have far-reaching effects on crop production and modern agriculture techniques to all of the basic advances in any aspect of civilization. More importantly, it provides an opportunity to influence global cultures in positive ways that teach values, cooperation, compassion instead of greed, entrepreneurial spirit instead of welfare dependence, self-reliance and helping others instead of every man for himself. Improving the culture of mankind is a path to improving the human condition. It takes money to do this. The foundation could provide more than enough when its started. The H2G process returns nearly all of the unused energy in the water back to the environment as re-condensed water. There is an opportunity here to change not only our energy consumption from toxic fossil fuels to abundant, clean, cheap energy from water but to help change many of the other problems facing underdeveloped populations.

Asian girl student In the countryside

Education unit; This container would be set up as a learning lab, with computer stations each linked via satellite to University’s, the web, and a centralized uplink center with data-based courses in agriculture, and every other discipline that can be provided K-12 or even to get an online Ph.D. college degree. Housing; Cargo containers make excellent portable housing units when joined or as smaller separate units. These can house onsite first responders or local populations. One of the opportunities that emerge from this “civilization in a box” concept is the opportunity to educate peoples in areas of the world that would otherwise not be provided. This would be an excellent way to reach people who could really use the help. Modern tools and knowledge can be the variable for survival and sustainable health needed. We want to offer both for the maximum benefit and relief. It will only keep getting better once initiated.


Consider these interesting facts; The pictures that came back from the Hubble-Space telescope show the Universe is not just empty space, it is full of wonders & beauty, clouds of gases bigger than our galaxy. Scientists report that approximately 70% of the visible universe is hydrogen gas. Nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, 2/3rds of that is hydrogen. Most of our life’s we humans are about 70% water 2/3rds of that water is hydrogen. We are born in an amniotic sac filled with water. Water is life for all living things. It has all been provided for us by something greater than ourselves. The world is not short of energy resources. We do not need wars of aggression for energy resources. We have been given the resources to provide for everyone in abundance. Water is the most abundant clean energy source on this planet and the solution for the energy crisis. Technology is the final determining factor for this conclusion.

NASA Shuttle Discovery: ESACC BY-SA

The H2G water-to-fuel process has been engineered to extract energy from the water with near-zero negative footprints on returning water to the environment. The choices we make now determine our future. We have been given the resources to provide for everyone in abundance. Water is the most abundant clean energy source on this planet. The answer has been here the whole time. Together, we now have something the can truly impact the world with positive change and hope. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.