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Here you will learn about our applications. We tell you where H2GE stands in the energy business and what key features investors in clean energy are looking for that we offer. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Up to 97% CO2 emission reduction

90% reduction in fuel cost for grid power plants 

A seamless storage solution

Growth aligned with current needs 

No costly infrastructure changes or rebuilds 

Can the fuel cost associated with Grid Power Production be reduced by up to 90% without major disruption to current and available, near future, infrastructure designs? 

Can CO2 emissions from Grid Power Production be reduced by up to 97% without costly second stage atmospheric intervention? 
At H2Global our initial proof of concept testing says all of this is possible.

Changing the current fuel systems requires concepts never before attempted. Modification of fuel creation, delivery, application, use and disposal systems must be very low in cost, adaptable and efficient. 

Fuel delivery systems will be our major focus for research and development where liquid and gaseous fuels are currently deployed. 

The worldwide goal of 80% CO2 emission reduction by 2050 just cannot be reached without breakthroughs in energy production. Experts have identified Grid-Scale Storage, Liquid Fuel Innovation and Micro-mini Grids as a direction. Governments around the world are mandating changes in energy production and fossil fuel use.

H2Global solves the emission problem in Grid Power Plants, reducing CO2 emissions by 97% utilizing existing power generating equipment. Slight modifications to the fuel delivery systems can be accomplished quickly and cost-effectively.

Companies, Local Governments, and Nations can achieve emission reductions realistically and within existing budgets with the use of H2Global energy systems.

No other solution comes close to the high levels of emission reduction, speed of deployment, cost of systems and sustainability. As power needs grow H2Global systems grow and expand as needed. 

Grid-Scale CO2 Emission Reduction by up to 97%.

Every type of power plant can be fueled by H2GLOBAL ENERGY FUEL SYSTEMS with up to 90% reduction in fuel cost and a 97% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Concept to market is just a few years and at a very low cost. At H2Global we have identified the power sources for each type of power plant. Nuclear/Steam, Turbine and Internal Combustion can be powered by H2Global energy fuel systems.

“Research into the design and application of real-time fuel delivery systems for these power sources is the next step.”

Each power source has its own unique fuel delivery needs. The flexibility of creation and delivery of H2Global energy fuel is the advantage. Only the fuel delivery component of each source will need modification. All existing power sources can remain in place and operational. 

Future power plants can be designed with H2Global energy fuel systems, in place at little or no cost increases and with the fuel cost and emissions savings built-in. 

While the current record for combined-cycle power plant efficiency is 63.08%, a 2% gain, H2Global systems are estimated to be 90% efficient, a leap that eliminates years of development if it is even possible with existing fueled systems

A Simple Storage Solution 

Bill Gates – Microsoft  “Storing energy turns out to be surprisingly hard and expensive”

The storage of energy problem comes from a false belief that intermittent power production from solar is our future solution. In fact switching our economy in the USA to battery power everywhere would cost $5 Trillion to rebuild the power grid for such a massive societal change.

The H2Global energy fuel systems solution eliminates a power grid rebuild with on-site, real-time fuel production and use. There is no intermittent disruption or storage requirement.

H2Global energy systems easily expand its technology into transportation power utilizing today’s engines and transport vehicles.

Storage has a need when variable fuel cost necessitates off-peak uses. The very low cost of H2Global fuel systems eliminates off-peak use requirements. Energy can be produced when and where needed 24/7.

Growth in infrastructure is ongoing and has, for the most part, kept up with our energy needs. Changing our society to electrified everything, especially Power Grid and Transportation systems means massive expense and rebuild time. A $5 Trillion investment is the estimate for a power grid rebuild just in the USA. Driving most of these growth concepts is electric transportation ideas and electricity production itself.

With H2Global energy fuel systems, existing internal combustion transportation and power grid systems can stay in place with quick and affordable changes to their fuel delivery designs, while at the same time reducing fuel cost and emission output. Infrastructure will grow with need instead of massive changes in how we use energy.

Only small and affordable changes to infrastructure will be needed.

Cars – Trucks – Buss – Trains – Aircraft – Ships

Every form of transportation that used carbon-based fuel or is powered by carbon fueled energy can be retrofitted with H2Global energy technology. All future production of these transportation forms can integrate H2Global energy technology into their designs for the same savings

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (USEIA) estimates the U.S. will grow in transportation energy consumption from 102 Quadrillion BTU’s of energy in 2012 to 152 Quadrillion by the year 2040. The energy in BTU’s comes from Diesel, Natural Gas, Jet Fuel, Motor Gasoline, Fuel Oil and Electricity from Carbon Fuels. The USEIA is not predicting any slow down in transportation energy consumption.

The H2Global energy technology adapts to all current carbon based fuel systems. Total retrofit and future production design adaptability means the clean future we seek will last and last. Testing shows higher power output in engines while reducing emissions to near zero and keeping the 90% cost saving in place. Everybody wins.

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