Can I invest in H2Global Energy?

Yes. Visit the Investors page at the top right of our website where the button says, Investors.
Also, please download and read the Investor Relations file from the Downloads page. The offering documents for interested accredited investors can also be downloaded from here:!Auc_8BQQg3azkXCRdqhKPxW9At-B
               There is currently a minimum investment of $5,000.00 U.S. dollars.
This may be changed at any time. If you are interested in helping us clean up our planet, and our future, please contact us at
You can do something about Climate Change.
Contribute to The Water Bus tour, be in the documentary and ride the bus into history as a founding supporter of the new age of clean energy, visit:

Absolutely not. This will be a common assumption.
It is not based on electrolysis or any prior art. Electrolysis is highly inefficient. It is new patented technology which now makes it possible to extract clean energy from fresh or seawater.
It yields a clean fuel up to 99% cleaner & 90% less cost than toxic fossil fuels.
H2Global Energy breakthrough technology converts water to a fuel replacement for carbon based fuels.
It can be used anywhere carbon based fuels are in use today.
The result is up to a 97% reduction in carbon based pollution, such as CO2,
while eliminating the need for complex and costly energy storage.
In the future it will. For now, when the clouds cover the skies or at night and when the wind does not blow, H2Global Energy breakthrough technology can run generators of any size to create on-demand energy at a fraction of the cost and with less carbon footprint and no need for backup storage.
With H2Global Energy’s low cost cost and instant massive pollution reduction, wind and solar will be poor second and third choices for energy production in the future.
However, H2Global Energy is developing new Solar Enhancements. We will be furthering our exploration when we reach full R&D expansion.