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Numerous products await development. Learn about other H2GE™ technology waiting to be fully engineered and tested below. Please contact us if you have interest in our future innovation.

Reverse osmosis system for water drinking plant.


From the same technology we use to produce clean and efficient fuel, we transition into Water treatment and Desalination. We are very passionate about providing the world with clean drinking water. Not everyone has it. Our initial test shows outstanding results. We look forward to providing a cheap and effective method for removing salt from water.

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Solar Enhancement

The problem with solar is simple. 24-7 power is just not possible. H2Global energy systems can run non-stop without power generation interruption. Where solar is in place and battery storage is a costly solution, very costly, our systems can step in to fill the gap. With energy density and materials research, we also hope to enhance solar output and reduce cost.



We believe the most efficient engine that drives the world’s industry has not been invented yet. We have one project on our drawing board ready for development. The world is ready for better engines underneath the hood, alongside H2G’s clean water fuel technology.

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In our studies of molecular change and energy transfer, we believe it is now possible to extend the life and range of batteries many times over. We plan on exploring this exciting project furthermore with R&D expansion.

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