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With patents granted/pending worldwide, H2GE™ is preparing for R&D expansion with an unprecedented clean energy conversion process. Make note of the major global concerns Water-to-fuel technology can provide solutions for.


   Investing in new, groundbreaking and world-changing technology has rewards far and above usual returns. The H2Global Energy opportunity is no different. We sincerely believe it is one of the greatest technologies ever discovered and will return one of the highest investors gains ever. The company can be funded in several ways, equity share sales, private investment, licensing country by country, state by state, OEM licensing, retail sales. The H2G growth plan can reach a funding level of several billion dollars. This is achieved by selling licenses to each country and state on a global scale. These sales can generate enough money to entirely repay H2Global investors, even before the products hit the market. Each investor will be repaid as soon as the revenue permits. Each investor will be allowed to keep their shares.

   Interested Investors may download the investment offering document here below.



H2Global Energy will consider contracts for R&D in these areas:

Water Fuel Application Development | Grid Power | Transportation | Portable Power Systems | Water Desalination | Water Purification | Battery Design | Solar Design



H2Global Energy is actively seeking grants for maximum research in these areas:

Grid Power Concepts | Fueling Transportation Systems | Energy Emission Reductions | Energy Storage | Desalination | Waste Water Treatment | Battery Design

Send complete contract proposals for consideration to:

Donald Wolff – VP and General Manager